Our mission is to be a customer-driven organization, committed to providing high quality real estate products which consistently create value for our customers at the best possible price. We will accomplish this, while at the same time, exceed expectations with best in class customer service.

YC Homes of Iowa prides itself on building luxury condos from the first-time buyer to the retiree. Specializing in local contractors, vendors, suppliers, and refusing to compromise based upon the “lowest price” mentality, but rather, competitive pricing using the finest materials available. Customers have come to appreciate our attention to detail.

Our cabinets are custom made in Alabama, our stone comes from Pennsylvania, our LVP flooring is made right here in America, and of course, Cambria, our premium Cort product, made right here up in Minnesota. We refuse to compromise both in quality and materials, but rather pass our savings on to the consumer with our volume pricing vs. inferior products imported from other countries.

Our mandate is to practice the “Golden Rule” – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, for our customers, employees, subcontractors, and vendors, applying the principles of trust, integrity, accessibility, respect, and teamwork.